• Located in the city of São Paulo, Moltec has specialized itself in the development and manufacturing of high performance tailor-made molds for plastic packaging.
  • Leadership and reference in quality and seriousness since its establishment in 1971, Moltec has a portfolio production of more than 13.000 plastic packaging molds of the most important products in the market.

Be a plastic packaging mold making excellence center where clients find the best technology alternative for their products.

Meet client expectations, producing tailor-made molds with shared ideas and make intelligent solutions viable.

Respect and appreciation of the Human Being above all, having justice, ethics and moral as reference.

  • 100% of waste treated
  • Use of secondary "waters"
  • Soil permeability
  • Waste recycling

The Quality Excellence of the products and services provided by Moltec and its suppliers, ensured by the continuous improvement of the Quality Management, guarantees the satisfaction of its Customers.

In order to support this policy, Moltec has a:

Without losing the focus of its business, Moltec's mission is to work constructively and fairly in each of its activities, always respecting the environment and the people related to it.

• Stay technologically up-to-date.
• Train and enable your employees so that commitment to Quality and the application of the concept of continuous improvement ensure customer satisfaction.
• Demand from your suppliers the commitment required to maintain the desired quality standards.

Abrinq - Children’s Friend Seal - Maintainer Partner

Nonprofit Philanthropic Institution, its mission is: "Facilitating the Social inclusion and people with disabilities development, through education and culture."

Sponsorship of Environmental Education Kit "The packages, the environment and us"

Book Sponsorship "Packaging: Design, Materials, Processes, Machinery and Sustainability"

Vila da Paz collector’s cooperative - Over 40 households attende

Member of emissions control of greenhouse gases program

Benevolent Association Irmã Dulce

City Council of child and adolescent rights