Recognized internationally for
more than 40 years, Moltec is a reference
in the manufacture of blow molds and
injection molds for plastic packages.


Its products meet the most
demanding customers´s needs,
especially those that depend on high
performance and excellence in
quality of their bottles and caps.

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Blow molds
Injection molds
Injection blow molds
Pet molds (single stage)
Pet molds (two stages)
Components and peripheral devices.






The Packaging System in all its steps is considered
rigorously in this area. The engineers and technicians
through powerful softwares (CAE, CAD, CAM)
develop products, design and program (CNC) the
machining of Moltec moulds.





The know-how acquired with to decades of experience as a leader and a modern
industrial park to provide the best cost Moltec in the market.

Phone: 55 11 5693-4600